Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Update from the last 3+ months

Hello Everyone,

I'm really sorry about not updating the blog over the 3.75 months. An especial apology goes to Mary Pat. You would think I would learn my lesson after you broke both of my legs last time I was delayed in my blogging. Just kidding. Life has been good and busy as always. Peter is cruising and crawling all over the place. Yesterday he took 8 steps for Lisa without her even trying. I imagine he will be walking very soon. Peter is now 15 months and does not seem in a hurry to do anything. His little friend Mei is three months younger than him and is literally running circles around him. It doesn't seem to affect him at all. I guess we all develop at our own pace. He loves saying "uh-oh" and "bye-bye". He will even say "dada" or "daddy" if he wants some more Cheerios, his snack of choice right now. I will try to post some photos now and do better in the months to come.


Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hello everyone. I'm so thankful for all of our wonderful friends that take the time to check the blog periodically and comment accordingly, especially our good friend Mary Pat who keeps me in line when I have forgotten to post a new blog entry for awhile. It truly is wonderful to have friends that care about us that much. Thanks to all of you. Mary Pat, I really tried to get some pictures on the blog last week, but blogspot.com has been having some issues downloading more than one picture at a time, hence the 5 different posts for the 5 pictures of our trip to France.

Peter is doing great and is 11 months now. He seems very healthy and traveled better than we could have expected. He is very patient and does not seem to be bothered by jet lag at all. We are convinced that he does better traveling than we do! Hopefully this will continue as he gets older and becomes more mobile. Right now he is teething like crazy. His first tooth popped out while we were on vacation and then another came soon after. Today we noticed that two more can be felt on the top to match. Dr. Sears' book states that this is normal, but we still get excited about silly little things like that.

We are very thankful for our trip to France and are glad that we could be a part, albeit a small one, of what God is doing in that part of the world and beyond. We would love to tell each of you more about it if you get a chance to call us. Thanks for all your prayers as were traveled. The Lord definitely showed many travel mercies to us, even if I did get pick-pocketed by a couple of gypsy women. Live and learn. Man, these guys are real professionals; I never felt a thing. We learned later from a friend that they often target people with small children on the subways since the parents are often distracted.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Peter @ 8.5 months

Peter is 8 1/2 months old now!

Wow! These little guys change really, really fast. In the last week Peter is doing several things he could not do previously: rolling from back to stomach (and then stomach to back etc.....until he hits the wall), making new noises (he now says mamama... and dadada...-adorable!), eating new foods (he loves avocado and sweet potato), is really playing with toys now and knows when they are taken away (a temper like his old man!). Right now he is standing in his "sled" while I make the blog entries. We are so thankful and blessed by the gift of Peter.

This Holy Week and this Lent season have been more special than usual. One reason why is because of my experience fasting. My fast was to not eat chocolate. It sounds very simple and to be honest, quite lame. Our priest even started the Lenten season on Ash Wednesday by explaining fastsing and even gently making fun of those who fast from things like "chocolate". Lisa has been much more rigorous by giving up all sweets! She has been perfect with her fast, an excellent demonstration of self control. I, on the other hand, have completely blown the fast on three different occasions, all quite unintentionally. I accidentally ate a piece of peanut butter and chocolate dessert pizza at Larry's Pizza (incredible!), I ate a bite of a cookie at a board meeting without thinking (and before Lisa literally slapped my hand), and I dove into my mother's incredible, fresh-out-of-the-oven brownies (I ate three) and didn't even recognize my mistake until 1.5 hours later when she announced that after dinner we could eat brownies. What an amazing failure I am at fasting. Each time I began to beat myself up over this because I am usually much more disciplined about such things. Then one day my friend Dustin reminded me that my failure in this fast may actually help this fast to quite valuable to me. He reminded me that "the whole point" of fasting is to remember our weaknesses, recognize our sin and turn to God whole-heartedly in remembrance that we rely completely on Him and are truly utter failures without Him. In the past my meek, pathetic little fasts have been "successful" but I don't recall gaining any deep spiritual insights from them. I know the discipline itself is also important as a form of self-denial and at this I was really bad, but thanks be to God for his mercy and His grace, of which I know a little bit more than I did 40 days ago. We love you all and hope you have a wonderful Easter. He is RISEN!!!!--Nathan

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sorry for the long period of time away from the blog. I apologize. I have been studying for a big exam that I took last weekend, along with my business partner, Tommy Bates, in Nashville, TN. It was to become a certified practitioner for Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT), McKenzie's theory of assessment and treatment of the spine and peripheral joints. The test was 8 hours long and we weren't sure about the results. They told us it would take 3 weeks to find out, but Tommy called me last night about 6:30 pm and told me that he looked on Mckenzie's website (www.mckenziemdt.org) and put in our work zip code under "locate a provider" only to find that we were already listed as certified practitioners on their website! Thank you all so much for your prayers. God gave me a great sense of peace as I went through the studying and the exam even though I never felt fully prepared. Studying with a six month old(technically 6.5 months now) is not easy! Speaking of Peter, I should hurry up and download some of the latest pictures. Here they are......